Life Getting Bathed by Hungarian Women

I have some free time to write blogs now as I have turned Ryan on reading so he no longer stairs at me or gets bored when I sit on my computer on the trains to try and update everyone on our lives. It is also just the two of us now as Ashley left us in Budapest. But before I tell you all about our two person travels I will first inform you about the Budapest experience. Budapest is a very cool place except for trying to navigate the metro so we just avoided that.

Section Seventy One

Budapest is one of the only places in Europe where they actually check your metro ticket everywhere. I am pretty sure all the people they have checking tickets is not very cost efficient as there is about 6-8 metro security standing at the entrance with two checking tickets and the rest looking very bored but I guess that is how post communist countries work.

Budapest also has a pretty confusing currency with 215 to 1 Canadian dollar. Out of the three of us I was by far the worst at doing the conversions and always stared blankly till one of the other two did it. Ryan was the best at it and Ashley wrote a cheat on her hand so she was constantly looking at it until she showered.

The first day in Buda we walked to the center stopping in a huge market on the way. The bottom part of the market had many many produce and meat stands where we picked up some awesome pepperoni sticks and the top part had lots of knick Knack stands which allowed us to buy some souvenirs for cheap we spent a few hours wandering through all the stands and eating some authentic Hungarian food. After that we continued on to the center. I was very happy and surprised when we got to the center and I realized it had the same clothing companies as the ones I loved is Spain. So of course we had to stop in there but the greatest part about stopping in there besides the awesome dress I bought was we ran into Paul remember him from Vienna, it is a very strange thing when you are travelling and run into someone you know since there is very few people we knew in Europe let alone Budapest. The four of us decided to go for a beer and then do some sight seeing. We went to the big Cathedral in the center which was pretty neat. There is a decaying hand hanging from the ceiling from a famous catholic the other parts of his arm are in Vienna and I think Czech. After that we Paul took us to this sweet Vegetarian place for dinner where we stuffed ourselves with Falafals and Hummos. Then Ash, Ry and I headed back to the hostel which we thought was close to the center but turned out to be a pretty long walk out of it. I have grown leg muscle with all the walking we have done over the past few months and maybe even a little bit of a bum so I no longer look like I have chicken legs I like to think. But that is completely off topic so where was I. Right we went back to the hostel and chilled it was kind of a lame hostel.

The second day in Budapest we met up with Paul and another Australian for a free walking tour around the city. The walking tour took three hours and was awesome I learnt a whole lot and we saw tons. I never knew so much about Hungarian/Budapest history. Then after that Ashley and I split from the boys. The three of them went and rented bikes to tour around the city on and do guy things such as take inappropriate pictures at all the statues. One of the statues you are supposed to rub the horses balls as an old Hungarian tradition for a better sex life very odd indeed. Ashley and I instead when to the under ground labyrinth which was very strange indeed. We did not know exactly what to expect we were think a bunch of underground caves mazes and that was about it. But instead it was a bunch of underground labyrinths seven in total. Each one with its own weird meaning, the labyrinth of Love, The labyrinth of another World, The Labyrinth of Greed all equally strange with weird figures in them. One I believe it was the Labyrinth of greed was a fountain that just kept pouring out awful smelling read wine that you could fill your water bottle with but it smelt more like vinegar so we opted out. Another one had random objects in cased it what I am guessing was supposed to be ice. But there was no explanation for any of it so all in all it was just really weird. After finally finding are way out we tried to find the underground bunker that was used as a hospital during the war but as it was underground and there was very little signage we never did find it. So we decide to go check out the underground wine cellar and go for coffee instead. After Coffee we met back up with the boys and the five of us went for dinner and ate Hungarian food.

The last day in Budapest we set aside for the communism museum and Hungarian bathes. First we went to the ‘House of Terrors’ (museum) it was extremely interesting but consisted of large amounts of reading. The building itself used to be where first the Gestapo was located and then where the communist secret police where. The top floors had the museum and the bottoms ones showed the actual jail and torture cells that where used during those times. After that we headed to the biggest bath house in Budapest. It has eighteen hot and cold pools and a whole bunch of different saunas. We first checked out the pools outside each pool was a different temperature and did something different. The first one my favourite was warm and had pressure fountains coming out of the sides. The one on the other side had pressure bubbles coming out the bottom that you were supposed to stand on but all they did for me was give me a wedgie. We moved on to the inside which was full of different salt and temperatures. I could only stand the really hot ones for about a minute before I jumped out.
After relaxing in the pools for a couple of hours we all got massages from Hungarian woman well Ryan and I from Hungarian woman and Ashley from a pretty cute Hungarian guy.
Then that night Ashley parted ways from Ryan and I and headed back to Vlissingen to her Dutch boy and another semester of HZ and the Dutch ghetto who knows maybe this time she may learn some Dutch. But I can guarantee you she will not have as cool roommates. I shall miss my partner in crime I hear she has already replaces me with a bunny though ouch.
Hugs Lele



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2 responses to “Life Getting Bathed by Hungarian Women

  1. So nice to hear more of your travails… I mean travels.

    I’m looking forward to seeing you next week — as is everyone else. I think Ellie and Marley are plotting a surprise for your return. Beware of dead birds or soggy stuffies in your bed!

    Love you more than all the misspelled words you will ever use and all the grammar you will ever miss — and that’s a lot! 🙂


  2. Jackie Trafford

    Wonderful to read your travel update Liseanne which I will sorely miss when you return. However, it will be much nicer to be able to give you a call, have a chat or meet for lunch!! Had a wicked hailstorm (AGAIN) yesterday so now all of my flowers are in tatters…I give up! There isn’t time for them to recover before winter comes so I think I’ll call it a season. After all the heat you’ve enjoyed this summer you might enjoy the cooler temps of our mountain air. Enjoy your time in my favourite city and I hope that you have a great trip home…can hardly wait to see you.

    Love you lots, Auntie Jackie & Uncle Jim (he is golfing this AM and it is only 7c!!)

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