Life Melting in the Sun

With these two blogs so close together I am hoping to surprise you all. I also have ample time on this train to write even if Ryan is creeping over my lap top singing Keisha to me since he is so bored. I left you all, with the cliffing hanging moment of whether or not we boared our night ferry. Well it was a close one let me tell you folks. Once again we were struck with a train strike this time in Italy so we were a little worried. But thank goodness our trains for some odd reason where one of the only few working in the country. So we made the night ferry, now night ferries although better then night buses are still not fun especially if you want to sleep. I made myself a pretty sweet bed though laying my backpack beside Ryan’s in front of a chair length wise with a blanket over top of them to create some sort of bed and the stole Ryan’s blanket to keep warm not sure how impressed he was but I think I got the most sleep out of any of us which was not much. Are ferry docked in split at 730 in the morning and then we trugged off to find the split hostel. I also should mention Croatia uses a different currency called the Kuna which is 5 to 1 Canadian. It took me a little while to figure this conversion out and was continually outraged when are meals would come to something ridiculous like 400 kuna which is not bad at all.

Section Sixty Six- Life swimming in Waterfalls

After dropping the bags in our hostel we went for some breakfast of fresh smoothies and walked around for a bit before going back to the hostel to take a much needed nap. After the nap we went out exploring again Split is another town with endless dead ends and no street signs so we hunted for food for what seemed like forever before stumbling upon an awesome burger joint that we never found again until the last night in split. The first full day in split after recovering from the treacherous ferry ride we decided to split up the boys who went to the beach and Ashley and I went walking around the city and the market. It was a lovely day, however, it was blistering hot thank goodness the hostel had air conditioning. That night we went to a awesome restaurant I order the mixed fish and ended up with three full fish on a platter staring up at me with their dead eyes it was very good though.The next day Ryan and I went and met his dads Cousin Goran and his wife who live in Split and they took us out for an authentic Croatian meal. It was amazing and very very filling, Alexis you would have died it was about ten different kinds of fish. The dessert was surprisingly delicious a chocolate cake in olive sauce. That night we also met them and there two young children for drinks in a square that is surrounded by Roman ruins. The following day we went on an exertion to Kraka national park. The park was amazing full of waterfalls that we got to swim in to cool off. Most of these things I need pictures to explain better I however have no idea how to put those on so just close your eyes and use your imaginations. That night was also the Fifa world cup Spain versus Netherlands. We ended up watching the game at a Mexican restaurant with about seven other Canadians. The game was being shown outside the restaurant on a rigged up projection screen consisting of two white pieces of paper taped together on cardboard and needless to say although it was fun I was very disappointed with the outcome. The next day we caught a ferry to the Island of Hvar.

Section Sixty Seven Life on a boat

Hvar is absolutely beautiful surrounded by crystal clear water and seriously impressive yachts. In Hvar we stayed in flats in our apartment Ryan and I even had are own bathroom and an ocean view. Our first night there we went out to a pub and I went home early since the really good night club doesn’t open until 230am. The first day there we decided to rent a boat with two English guys we had met. The night before Ryan and I had decided to get him an Alberta boating licence, you would think this is difficult to do from Croatia and little boating experience but think again. You can get your licence online I a mere 45 minutes so that is just what we did. And the next day off the Five of us set in a 5 horsepower motorboat headed for the near by islands. The islands were cool; a few were full of naked old men so we choose not to stop at those ones. I used the wrong were up there a few seconds ago but I caught myself and even threw in a semicolon no big deal. After our awesome day of boating and almost melting to death during the night from the heat in our non air conditioned room we decided to all rent another boat the next day this time with one more (an aussie girl) with the number growing we decide to splurge on a 10 horsepower boat that came with a cooler and swimming goggles. We took a picnic out with us that day and spent another day out on the ocean jumping of the boat. Then it was our last day in Hvar which was coincidently also Zach’s birthday. We spent the day in town and walked all along the boardwalk along the ocean. Stopping at one point so the boys could go for a swim which Ryan happily did in his boxers. At one point well they were swimming I here them call my name to look out and find them both holding there swimming suites over there heads and seeing the sun reflect off their bare bums. After their swim we headed back to the flat to get ready for dinner. The three of us then took Zach out for a birthday dinner.

Section Sixty Eight Life Babysitting

The evening of Zachs birthday although our last night in Hvar I made the wise decision not to go out after dinner to celebrate since we hade a 6am ferry to catch the next day. The other three, however, went out in full force that night and I mean full force. I got woken up at around 330am by Ryan who had perhaps had more then one drink that evening informing me I owed him since he was taking such good care of Ashley who had also had more then her fair share of drinks that evening and was now in the showering cleaning up. After checking to make sure Ashley made it out of the shower safely Ryan and I went to bed to get that precious hour of sleep before we had to wake up at 530 for the ferry. Well 530 came all to soon and I woke up fine, however, it was another story for the other two and Zach well Zach was not even home yet. I shook Ryan awake and told him to go jump in the shower well I woke up Ashley. I shook Ashley awake and told her to get ready and I would be back in ten to check on her. When I got back to my room the only change was Ryan was now fast asleep facing the other direction so I had to drag him out of bed and throw him in the shower. When I went back to check on Ashley the only change was she was still fast asleep and Zach was now just crawling into bed (lucky for Zach he was taking a later ferry since he headed back to Canada the next day), so again I shook Ashley awake and made her sit up and start getting ready, her first comment to me was she wanted to shower and was very surprised when I informed her she had already showered a few hours ago and didn’t believe me until she touched her hair and low and behold it was still wet. Now she may have showered the night before but she had not finished packing her bag leaving me to do that well I tried to get her dressed. So just to spite her I dressed her in black shiny tights, a red dress and a purple tank top. Once I had the Ashley situation under control I went back to check on Ryan and found him still in the shower sleeping so I turned the cold water on him and made him get out. Then I dragged the two of them out of the flats and down to the pier. The ferry ride sobered them up and neither of them where feeling very well after that one. We then caught a train to Bled Lake Slovenia that they slept a good portion of.
I did promise I would answer some questions and I believe this blog answered the main ones about Croatia so to answer the other few I posed. Yes I have a wicked awesome tan. I have no idea where in the world Carmen San Deigo is I have not played that game since I was 10. And Yes Ryan has a ginger beard when it grows especially if you catch it in the sun.

Much love and stayed posted for the blog about Bled Lake a seriously awesome place.



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2 responses to “Life Melting in the Sun

  1. OK — so I hope you have pictures of the shiny black tights and the rest of that get-up and maybe even Ryan sleeping in the shower. Good thing you’re such a responsible and wise-ass, ooops I mean wise young lady!

    And imagine, who would have known you could get an Alberta boating license in Croatia. Well, I never! Good thing I never, btw.

    I have to go now, I’ve laughed so hard I have to pee — aren’t you glad you asked?

    Love you more than all the skinny dipping asses there will ever be.


  2. Jackie Trafford

    Hello again Liseanne,
    How wonderful to read another blog and I must say it was very informative and very, very funny. The image of you trying to wake up Ashley and Ryan and have them shower, then running back and forth trying to keep them awake was hysterical. I’m not too sure if you found it funny at the time since you were the only sober one! Good thing or I think that you might have missed your ferry!! Loved all of your photos on Facebook as it was lovely to see some familiar places (Venice). The waterfalls in Croatia were magnificent. It is just so delightful to read your news…I’m already looking forward to your next post. Miss and love you a lot, Auntie Jackie (& Uncle Jim too)

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