Life Hitting the Books

After a brief hiatus and a few complaints I am back to the blog world to inform you all what I have been up to since Spain. Life has slowed down slightly since Spain and I have actually had to settle in and hit the books. But before I did that I did get one more little adventure in with my favourite aunt and uncle. So if you want to know how to travel +50 style sit back and read on

Section Fifty-Eight Life with the Gallaghers

After a night at home post Spain Auntie Jackie and Uncle Jim (From now on they will be referred to as AJ and UJ) picked me up bright and early for four day trip to France to see the relatives. Getting there was an adventure in itself. They had rented a car for their three week vacation and armed with a load of maps had decided to drive around Europe. Now trying to navigate European roadways is not an easy feet just ask Uncle Jim who drove thru Brussels twice well trying to get to Vlissingen and then once more on are way to Charliesville. After getting lost numerous times I am slowly understand the importance of a GPS system and why everyone in Europe has one. But we did to our destination and Uncle Jojo and Aunt Bernadette where waiting with wine and cheese. Our first night in France we drove to city center and walked around so I could see the beautiful town square, and then we went home for dinner. And in true Gallagher style dinner was an event. It consisted of course after course and large quantities of delicious French wine, and lots of conversation 50% English and 50% French that I just nodded along to and laughed when everyone else laughed. The next morning we headed to the champagne region to tour a champagne cave and check out the cathedral in Reims. The Cathedral was amazing and super old. AJ and I lit candles for Nana there. After walking around the cathedral and town we moved on to moms champagne house for a tour of the caves and to taste some delicious champagne. The only downside of the tour was that it was in French meaning a large portion of it went right over my head except for what AJ had time to translate but it was very cool all the same and the champagne was delicious. After the champagne house we took a drive up to a champagne town that just happened to be the home of one Dom Perignon and I got to stand on his tomb in the monastery where he lived no big deal. After that we went home for another dinner of fabulous food and wine. I swear I drank more on this trip then I have at school. The next day we went to the Orval Monastery which was very cool it has been around since the 10th century. They have a guest house there that you can stay at but the idea of sitting around being silent for 24hours and then praying for a bit just does not really appeal to me. After the monastery we went to a beautiful town close by set in the mountain side with a really old castle I can not remember the name of the town though but hey as uncle Jim says once you have seen one small French town you have seen them all. Then we headed home and had another awesome dinner with more half frenglish conversation. Now in true Gallagher style all dinner conversation some how would end up on the subject of food whether it was in French or English so even when I didn’t know what they where talking about I could usually easily guess food and then join in. Then Monday we headed back to Vlissingen. All in all it was a fabulous weekend and so wonderful to see and meet the family who are wicked and it was lots of fun to spend time with them and walk around at a slower pace.
Oh I totally forgot to mention the greatest extras of my trip with them. First off I had my own double bed and if that is not enough I brought a huge bag of dirty laundry and Aunt Bernadette did it for me saving me hours of sink time.

Section Fifty-Nine Life with School

Since getting back from France life has taken a strange turn and I find myself doing lots of schoolwork and catching up. My days are now spent primarily sitting with my lap top and working away at some project or another. I am also starting to stress ever so slightly about exams since are teachers suck and I have no idea what I am supposed to be studying. Now don’t get me wrong I am not letting this stress get in the way of the beach on warm days. So awesome having a beach last weekend it was warm enough to lie all day on the beach but sadly no going in the water just yet since it is filled with jelly fish right now But don’t worry to much I only have two weeks left and then say hello to a summer of backpacking. Umm other then that I am not sure what else to say folks other then I am loving life out here
Hugs Lele



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3 responses to “Life Hitting the Books

  1. Hello my lovely wine sipping champagne totting frenglish daughter — just to clarify — your relatives on that side are the Dartnell’s — and yup — food is always part of the conversation. If not the conversation!

    You sound awesome, as always. Your life is wayy too much fun and even though UJs feet might have gotten in the way of his feat of getting you down to Charleville (though I love Charliesville and Ujs feet too! — I will make sure Charles reads this!) it sounds like you had a grande repas and fin de semaine!

    Love you more than all the champagne that will ever bubble.


  2. Jackie Trafford

    Bonjour und Guten Tag mein lieblich (not too sure if the spelling is correct),
    UJ et moi thoroughly enjoyed taking you to Charleville-Mezieres and I know that Uncle Jojo and Auntie Bernadette loved having their grand-niece visit. We have since put on 3000 more kilometers and have eaten and spoken about many meals! Brittany, Switzerland and now Germany. I have had plenty of fish and Uncle Jim viel (lots) of schnitzel. We are in Lahr in the Black Forest and are leaving for Frankfurt tomorrow, flying back to Calgary on Wed. We just spent the afternoon in Triberg where all the cuckoo clocks are made. Ate a wonderful trout that arrived with its head and tail. No problem gutting the poor thing but UJ asked me to hide the head and tail behind a planter as he didn´t like the eyes staring at him!
    I know that you´ll do well with your exams and most of all, I know that you´ll be happy to start backpacking. Shall Skype when we are in Calgary.
    Big kisses to you and Ashley, Love, AJ & UJ

  3. Courtney

    I miss you friend 😦

    Sorry I missed your phone call today — but call back soon ❤ !!

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