Life with Sun in Vlissingen

Alright I know it has been a while since I have written but I think you should all be happy with what you get I mean at least I write, I could just stop writing all together leaving all of you with no news from across the pond. However, I have decided to appease to the masses once more and write a blog. Mostly because today I am supposed to be doing some homework but I have gotten bored of that and there are no good shows on animal plant leaving me watching a show about a swan and writing a blog. Which I will have to make quick since the next show I am watching is polar bears on thin ice which sounds like a good one. Now were did I leave you all off… right I had arrived in Mykonos, well here is what has happened since then. I apologize this blog is not as witty as some but if you want a blog don’t complain about it.

Section Fifty- Life In Mykonos
Well in Mykonos we lived a very slow paced life. Spending the three days enjoying paradise beach, lying under beach umbrellas enjoying the sunshine, the beach was great because it was not to busy yet so we could just relax and enjoy the sunshine and have a true vacation. We also spent lots of time in the town once we moved to are new accommodations which were much better. One night we met a bunch of other travellers on the hostel roof top, three girls from Quebec studying in spain, and three people from the states studying in Isreal. The eight of us decided to hit the Mykonos town since it is supposed to be the party island, which it is with a bar every two steps, however it is also extremely expensive. But it like Santorini is a beautiful island and even though we did not do much there I did enjoy every moment of it. Then sadly we had to leave the Islands and go back to Athens for one night where we ended up meeting up with a girl we had met on our second night in Athens and the three of us went out for lovely Greek dinner and then sat and had one of our bottles of wine from the Santorini wineries. The next day Ashley and I did a little bit of shopping and I found a fabulous pair of shoes. Then to the airport we went, the plane ride was uneventful, however, we were extremely worried that once we got back to Amsterdam the last train would have already left and we would be stuck sleeping in Schipol Airport. But lucky us the train was due in a half hour after our plane landed so we ran across the airport with our bags and just barely made it. Meaning we got back into Vlissingen at 1:30 in the morning but happy to be home.

Section Fifty-One Life back in Vlissingen
Since being back it has not rained once which is so awesome and it is continually getting warmer meaning BBQ season has started. I have gone to two since being back and they have both been delicious even with out the Alberta beef. Other then that I have decided to start trying to work on some of my final projects for school so I don’t leave everything for the end here, however, the projects are not going all that well since I am confused by most of these classes, but I think I can pass them which is all I need to do. Its not that the classes are hard it is just that the teachers are not that good making difficult to understand what they want. I also went to a dinner party at the French girls house and that was delicious but of course late at night. Its funny they think we are crazy for eating dinner any earlier then 8:00 o’clock. So I have been trying to embrace the European style of eating, eating late and taking hours. Tonight we are making dinner for the Germans next door and they are supplying the wine. Oh also greatest thing ever last Tuesday at ghetto bar there was a local in there who had his extremely friendly golden retriever in the bar with him who I played with a pet all night, he was so friendly and such a suck would not let you leave him alone which I was completely okay with.

Section Fifty-Two Life Biking to Belgium and Back
Yes you read that correctly I biked to Belgium yesterday. Stefan one of the Dutch students organized a bike excursion for us. So after a night of BBQ eight of us woke up bright and early for a day of biking. We took the ferry across to the other side of the straight and then biked along the coast to Belgium and the town of Knoppe it was a 50km bike ride and lots of fun. We stopped on the beach for a picnic lunch and then stopped in the town for real Belgium waffles and to play some Frisbee on the beach. Today my legs hurt little bit but I surprisingly did well on my bike and even enjoyed the bike riding and may even be looking forward to the next one. And since as of right now I may not be able to fly to Spain thanks to some unwelcome ash I may have to bike there. Its nice biking here though since there is very few hills and biking along the coast is actually quite beautiful.
But that is all for now, the polar bear show has begun and I should probably get back to my dreaded homework. I shall write to you all soon and hope spring is treating you just as well as it is treating me.

Hugs Lele

Random Fact- The last time this Volcano erupted it continued erupting for 2 years… also polar bear cubs are the size of a gerbil when they are born



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3 responses to “Life with Sun in Vlissingen

  1. Whew! Finally a blog from Lele! So glad you’ve written. So glad you’ve shared your journey — sounds like you are having a ‘dream’ life over there in the flatlands.

    Must run — off to work and ellie is whining for her brekkie.

    Love you!


  2. Jackie Trafford

    Hi Liseanne,
    I love it when I check your blog (I just got up!) and find that you have written a great commentary on your life so far. It really sounds like the time of your life with memories that will live forever. It was so nice to chat with you yesterday and I’m now counting the sleeps until we can do it in person! Good luck with your scholary endeavours today!
    Love you lots,
    Auntie Jackie (and Uncle Jim too!)

  3. Courtney

    Is that thing about polar bear cubs really true? That freaks me out.

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