Life Under an Ash Cloud

I am sure by now you are all wondering if I died is Spain since there has been no blogging actions on my part by alas sorry to inform some of you no indeed I am alive and kicking I was just having to much fun exploring Spain by day and night to be bothered to write all of you and I figured a number of you may have died of jealousy if you knew what I was up to. So settle down because this will be your opportunity to step into my shoes and head to Spain. This blog may end up being slightly long so if you want to skip all the boring stuff like sight seeing I recommend avoiding sections Fifty Five. If you want to know how much fun we had I would read section Fifty Seven. And if you want to know where our trip went wrong read the end of Section Fifty Seven. And if you want to know how much better and cooler my life is then yours read it all.

Section Fifty Five- In the beginning

We started are voyage in Brussels after the scariest drive of my life. A few friends from school were flying out of the same airport the day before so Ash and I being the thrifty people decided to catch a ride to the airport with them and sleep there overnight. I must say we should have been warned before the car even started her driving may be a little erratic when the driver said “you should probably buckle up it suites my driving style” and she was not lying but thankfully after a large amount of swerving at high speeds we made it to the airport and settled in for our sleepless night on the stone cold floor. We found a nice little corner to move in on and attempted to sleep there but that did not go very well and I just spent the night lying on the floor wishing on sleep, but we did make it through the night and hopped on the plane to Madrid in the morning.
Once in Madrid we found our hostel no problem and dropped of the bags so we could begin exploring, exploring did not take us far as there was a market in the plaza across the street that tempted me with the array of colourful scarves and awesome earrings. I did pretty good the first day there only buying three scarves one even not for myself but the scarf buying would not stop there and over the next 10days of this trip I would end up accumulating 9 new scarves. After the market we found a park with some famous monument in it that I can’t remember the name of it was from Rome or something. We then walked around this beautiful park and took in the sights of Madrid.
Day two in Madrid we went the Rene Sofia museum which was pretty cool it is full of modern art, some that makes little to no sense and I think people just looked at so they could feel cultured and because everyone else was looking at them. But the rest of the art was pretty cool and they had a big section on the Spanish civil war. After the museum we went hunting for a castle but some how ended up on the shopping street. I swear I have internal GPS that continually guides me to beautiful clothes. On this street I learnt a very important lesson Spain has the greatest I mean greatest and cheapest shopping ever. This realization jumped started my love for Spain and the floral shirts it had to offer. The rest of that day was spent wandering in and out of these stores in complete bliss. Then that night we headed off the night bus that’s name would soon change to the dreaded night bus. We were taking the night bus to Barcelona to save on money but soon learnt what a terrible thing these night buses are. We got literally no sleep and wasted eight hours of our lives on that silly thing. We were smart enough to book the two seats with the most leg room though that we could also put are legs up at but I still got off the bus in the morning feeling like an 80 year old woman.

Section Fifty Six – The Sites and Nights of Barcelona

Be warned the beginning of this section is the boring part of my trip full of the wicked awesome sights I saw in Barcelona but lacking in large quantities of dancing and ash clouds. Once in Barcelona we checked into our Hostel which turned out to be the sweetest hostel ever. Took a quick nap and then began exploring the city. I would tell you what we did the first day in Barcelona but it must not be that important because I can’t remember I do remember the first night we went out to a sports bar and another bar with a very sticky dance floor in a slightly sketchy neighbourhood. The next day we got up bright and semi early and walked to the Picasso museum which was amazing as well as the Cathedral of Barcelona which was just beautiful. Man do the Catholics know how to do churches, the cathedral had a big court yard in the middle of it and extremely large pieces of gold artwork.
The next day we went with two New York girls we met to the famous Gaudi cathedral Sagrada de Familia which was pretty crazy and then we went to the Parc de Geull which has beautiful views of the city. That night we met an interesting bunch of people in our hostel from the UK and then spent the next few days attempting to convince them we needed to go to bed early since we were headed to the Dali museum the next day but they continually told us Dali is Dead therefore we better party with Lamppost and Bollard which meant we never actually made it to Dali Museum and instead I got to dance my little heart out. Instead of the museum we saw many sights inside Barcelona including a Gaudi House which was very cool and probably my favourite site. We also walked down La Rambla and went to a crazy market that was full of fresh produces and juices and also chilled on the beach and went up a mountain called Monjustraat (or something along those lines), oh and we shopped a lot and a lot and I was able to create a wonderful floral wardrobe Jealous I think so.

Section Fifty Seven – Dali is dead

After seeing these sights we would come back to the hostel for a bit and then begin our night of dancing with a game of kings cup using large quantities of sangria. For those of you who do not know what kings cup is I am not going to tell you because you are most likely one of my older relatives and therefore I want you to continue thinking I am a grade A student who is strictly studying and taking in the culture of Europe. But for those of you who do know what it is think socialables but with better cards my favourite being Five Jive and a large mixed drink in the middle. Then we would head out into the streets of Barcelona in search of a new dance floor to take over. Now as some of you may know I like my dance parties and I have been lacking in adequate dance partners, well thank goodness I finally found some in the UK guys. I may not have seen the Dali Museum but I had enough fun each night to make up for it.
On are last night in Barcelona are trip luck began to run low though. As you may have guessed we had better luck on this trip then in Greece with no lost wallets or misplaced bank cards. Which is surprising since Barcelona is full pick pockets and muggers. The UK guys we met were pick pocketed a total of three times but they caught the guy once. But back to my story of are last night in Barcelona. We had to take the stupid night bus back that evening to Madrid to catch are plane home the following day. So that morning when we checked out the hostel was nice enough to let us store are luggage in the laundry room which was locked. Well that evening when we went to go gather our things right before we were to leave for the bus station I quickly realized mine were locked away and there was no one left with a key. So we began calling all the numbers in order to try and track one down in a short amount of time. Of course well I was trying to sort this dilemma out the others were trying to convince me it was fate and we were meant to stay in Barcelona one more night. Just as a I started to agree and cut my losses we got a hold of someone who was able to unlock the laundry room, they arrived just in time and Ashley and I dashed off the bus station barely making it but hopping on in the last second before the awful bus pulled away. From there I wish I could say was smoothing sailing, however, where would the fun be in that. Once in Madrid we prepared to catch our flight early the next morning and did a little homework I know homework on vacation the life of a student. I also decided to check our flight that evening to make sure it was running on time. Well the ash cloud struck again not only was it not on time it was cancelled all together. Leaving us stranded in Madrid, after checking the news and flights it looked like we would be stuck there for at least a few days and all the plane tickets skyrocketed. They also said don’t go to the airport and change your tickets yourself and they will refund you. So that is what we set about doing, however, the cheapest flight we could find was out of Barcelona in two days. The only way back to Barcelona was to jump back on the awful night bus one more time and loose 8 hours of my life. So after one more night on that stupid bus we ended up in Barcelona at 730 in the morning. This totalled 24 hours on a night bus.
Our actual last day in Barcelona we went for lunch with everyone and then sat in Catalunya square and tried to catch pick pockets with the UK guys. Which was very entertaining but we did not catch any in action. Then finally I got a good nights sleep and the next day we headed to the airport and then the train to make it home to Vlissingen where to my delight Auntie Jackie and Uncle Jim where waiting at the train stop. But my adventures with them will be written in my next blog. So although this wonderful trip cost me a little more then I expected I love it. Oh I should also mention we flew Ryan air home which meant I was only allowed one small carry on bag (my school backpack) which was stuffed full leading to me having to wear 7 tank tops 1 long sleeve 3 jackets 2 pairs of pants and 2 scarves on the plane ride home in order to meet the restrictions.

Much Love

Random Fact you can get a five euro massage on the beach in Barcelona and walk around naked



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3 responses to “Life Under an Ash Cloud

  1. Well I am jealous! Walking around naked on the beaches in Barcelona. Imagine that! did you take pictures?

    Tee hee.

    Glad you’re having fun — and getting a little studying in too.

    Love you. Miss you — all is well on the homefront.


  2. Courtney

    Dear Liseanne:

    Please update your blog.



  3. laura

    this blog post made me almost kill myself in the middle of sociology class.
    i wannna travel.

    you better be ready for thailand.

    love love love!

    PS: i wish you were around to spot my pickpocket in chile, man oh man. or those UK guys, yum yum.

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