Life Listening to Mozart

Greetings from abroad. I am doing my best at trying to keep up with this blog as to keep you all entertained and jealous about the many interesting places we our travelling to. And yes there is no method to my madness so some days there will be a blog and some days there will not I just like keeping you on your toes. But I believe I last left you of with a Bled blog on the train to Vienna. Well Vienna has come and gone and once again we are on the train so as long as my lap top does not die I will continue with my tales.

Section Seventy

We arrived in Vienna with very little planning and direction just the three of us and are ever growing bags. We dropped these lovely bags at the hostel which felt somewhat like a hospital very sterol but since we booked late as we have been doing these days there were not many options so we took what we could find. The first night we met up with my friend Erin from calgary who was dancing in Vienna for the next three weeks. It was awesome to see someone from home and the two of us caught up over drinks at a cool little bar. We all then went and had some strudel the famous Austrian desert which is very similar to apple crumble/pie but you can get a variety of fillings.
Then we headed back to the hostel to befriend our new roommate (we were in a four person bunk). When travelling it is always important to attempt to befriend your bunkmates as to lessen the chance of them stealing all your stuff or murdering you in your sleep if this is not always possible though so then you have to sleep with one eye open. However, this time is was possible we ended up being bunkmates with an Australian dude named Paul (we made his blog so I feel only fair to mention him in mine).

The next day we started with all the sightseeing in Vienna. We went to the main square with the major Basilica in it Cathedral something saint a rather (sorry donโ€™t remember the name). We bought the all inclusive ticket for it. I know crazy that they charge for Churches I would say they have enough money personally but I love Cathedrals so we had to go. The all inclusive including walking up the two towers and going to the catacombs as well as an audio tour of the church. We started with the north tower which involved us walking up 348 stairs (Ryan was less then impressed) ending up in a little room with a gift shop and overpriced water but a great view of the city. Walking down turned out to be worse then walking up as all three of us got more and more dizzy spiralling down. After regrouping we moved on to the south tower which luckily had a lift and gave another view of the city. After seeing the top of the church we moved to the bottom and entered the catacombs which were pretty sweet. There were just rooms filled with bones and skeletons some in pretty patterns and some just piled on top of each other. All from the 18th and 19th century. Then we did the guided tour of the church. After that we walked around the rest of the center which is filled with wonderful architecture. We then headed back to the hostel for a siesta the most important part of the day were I proceeded to oversleep and did not want to get up for dinner but I did. We decided to go for an authentic Austrian dinner that night with Paul (roommate). The hostel recommended this place that was pretty cheap and had big portions. They measured all their bread in centimetres so when ordering you would ask for 15cm of bread and that is what you would get. Ryan also almost ordered 4meters of sausage but decided against it which was a smart choice. Instead he got the sausage stuffed with cheese which turned out to be hot dog stuffed with something along the lines of cheese wiz which was gross. I ordered a wheelbarrow full of macaroni sausage and vegetables and it was literally a small wheel barrow full of food so I got no where close to finishing it. It started to rain that evening and that was the end of our hot weather for the next week.

The next day we did some more exploring and that night we had bought tickets to go see an orchestra play some Mozart in the palace he used to play in. After the concert we went to grab some food as we had missed dinner. We ended up at the sketchiest restaurant ever pretty sure it was just a front for something else. Ryan ordered the steak which turned out to be roast beef drenched in gravy like sauce and extremely soggy fries. Ashley order the Ham pizza which we saw them take the ham into the kitchen from another room. I ordered the soup of the day which was worst of all, we heard them say minestrone but it turned out to be an unidentifiable broth filled with something extremely similar in both shape and taste to corn pops I finished a good two bites before giving up. And then to top it all off the waiter followed us home and we had to make some sneaky moves on the train to loose him. But on the bright side we did not die of food poisoning and woke the next day ready for our last day in Vienna.

It was raining so we decided to hit up one of the Museums. We went to the Belvedere which was located in two massive palaces. The actual museum was also very cool and one of my favourite in Europe to date. It had a little bit of everything. After the museum it was still raining so we stopped in a little greek restaurant for something to eat and for one drink or so we thought. This restaurant was the exact opposite then the night before and after 5 hours and three bottles of free wine we made are way home.
And that in a nut shell my friends was our time in Vienna. I will leave Budapest for the next blog to spread everything out and so when I forget to write a blog for a few days I can post an already written one and we will all be happy.
Much Love



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4 responses to “Life Listening to Mozart

  1. Well, you just made one of my favourite cities appear… hmmm… how shall I put this… irresistible? ๐Ÿ™‚ So glad you’re having fun and eating well — or is that a bit of a stretch? You’re eating. Enough said!

    Glad to know the cathedral’s enthrall you — Nana will be delighted — hope you’re saying a prayer or two and lighting a candel along the way.

    And what’s with the growing bags? Shopping you’re way backpacking through Europe?

    So looking forward to your homecoming — sounds like you might have to clear out your closets first before adding to them!!!!

    Hugs and love and all those beans,


  2. Jackie Trafford

    Allo Liseanne,
    I’m reading your wonderful blog with Ev & Bob (my friend’s in Whitby) standing over my shoulder. They were fascinated by your account of your visit to Vienna. Yes, I’m having a great time in Ontario. I’m looking forward to your return and can hardly wait to hear all of your stories.
    Travel safely. Love you lots, Auntie Jackie

  3. laura williams

    The waiter followed you home?!?!?! Am I the only one that caught that tidbit of information.

    Oh wow, and oh jeez, and oh man can i not imagine eating cornpop minestrone soup.
    also, have you seen that movie called hostel (i think) where travellers are butchered while backpacking. that is immediately what i thought of with regard to the ham incident. I’m glad to hear you and ryan and ashley are okay.

    Also I thought since your mommy always points out your spelling mistakes (i swear you do it to spite us now) that we should point out your mommy’s grammar mistakes too (love you louise)

    “Shopping youโ€™re way backpacking through Europe?” shopping you are way, i’m not sure what that means. maybe she missed “cool” as in: “shopping! you are wayyyyy cool!”

    cant wait for you to be home so we can soon adventure together. i think we might have to reconsider thailand.
    much love,

  4. Oh my — imagine being caught in a grammar faux pas! ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks Laura — whew, I’m glad someone’s on their toes. And I love you too — where in the world are you?

    Ummm — I did catch the waiter following and decided it was best to ignore it because… well — for the very reason you stated… movies like Hostel. UGH!!!!

    Lele is now in Munich, getting some sleep I hope as she was on an all night bus and didn’t sleep a wink!

    Hugs to you both — we’ll be having a party when Lele returns — hope you’re in town Laura! But please… don’t mention my error — I swear it was just a typo not a grammatical error.

    And yeah — I did mean to write, you are wayyy cool shoppping YOUR way around Europe! ๐Ÿ™‚

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