Life goind Dutch

Hello all of my avid followers I have decided it is time once more to inform you how much cooler my life is then yours. You can live vicariously through me if you so wish by reading this or just hop on a plane and come gone the adventure. But well you book your plane tickets you can read this. Now you must understand the only reason I am writing this is because the clothes I need to pack for Spain today are still drying after my late night hand laundry last night or I would be busy as usual doing sweet European things.

Section Fifty-Three Life with Homework
As some of you may know I came over here to study abroad in The Neth (cooler way to say Netherlands). But up until now the professors have not really given us much to study so the school has been minimal and the fun factor has been maximum. However, (notice the proper use of a comma there) this week we finally had to start some projects and therefore where left to do homework late into the night in order to not have to bring it to Spain this week. So that has been no fun and the professor still are not that good so I am not sure if are so called school work is even being done correctly. However, I really only have a month left of school so I guess the homework was inevitable but don’t worry I will not let a little thing like school get in the way of the better things in life. I just thought you should know that I am actually still studying and perhaps learning something. But that is all I will write about that boring subject.

Section Fifty- Four Life living like a Queen
I have decided next year I am celebrating my birthday the same way the queen of the Netherlands celebrates hers. By shutting down a whole country for a whole day and throwing a country wide party. So yesterday was Queens day here is the Netherlands a day full of outdoor parties and lots and lots of orange. To celebrate a bunch of us decided to head to the biggest party in The Neth in Amsterdam on Thursday night. So we packed into the two cars ours consisting of two turks, two Canadians and one French the other consisting of three Czechs one Spanish and one german. All of us decked out in orange and headed to the city where almost everything is legal to get the full understanding of what it really means to be Dutch. The car ride itself was a grand time even though traffic was busier then normal. I successfully brought the game of trying to yell though tunnels to Europe and everyone seemed to really enjoy it thank you avalanche tunnels in Canada for that one. Once we arrived in Amsterdam we had to meet the people who came by train in Dam square which was very cool because it had a huge ferris wheel and other carnival rides. Walking to dam square the ten of us soon realized we were a day early on the whole wearing orange thing making us all stick out as non Dutch but it worked out for the better because as are group grew to more and more international students it was much easier to keep track of everyone. In the beginning the weather was very cooperative and we all sat outside in leids square drinking and dancing. Then sadly it began to rain so we moved in side for a bit but then adventured back outside and found a bridge that had a wicked drum line playing underneath it so we hung out under the bridge for a good hour dancing up a storm, and I mean that literally because when we finished dancing there truly was a wicked awesome lighting storm going on outside the bridge. So after walking around the city for a bit and trying out a few different parties we decided the rain had gotten the best of us and Ashley and I headed home to Dans for some much needed sleep. I of course did not really think out the weather situation and was stuck walking home in flip flops, I have that strange Canadian mind set that just because its almost may it should be warm therefore it is flip flop season no matter what the actual temperature is out. But we made it home in one piece at the reasonable hour of 330am and quickly fell fast asleep.
The next day Ashley and I headed out in the morning to go meet up with the other internationals again most who slept in cars so thank you again Dan for letting us stay at your house. Luckily today the rain had ceased and we were able to get a full day of queens day in. Today we sure did not stick out wearing orange as the whole city had transformed into a sea of orange. Ash and I first met up with Romain and the three of us went to find everyone else who was at an outdoor concert in Museum Park. We thought it would not be to busy and easy to find everyone, how wrong we were there were thousands of people there all in orange so after trying to go through the crowd and only getting about ten feet we decided to go around them and enter throw the back this worked slightly better although we still could not spot anyone so I ended up on Romain shoulders searching the thousands of people to find our group, which I was successful in doing. After finding everyone we hung out at the concert for a while then decided to move to Vondal park. In Vondal park we found another group of students we knew who had met a travelling band so we spent the rest of the afternoon dancing to the band. Then finally it was time to head back to Vlissingen so I could prepare for Spain today. All in all though it was a wicked awesome time and I fully enjoyed myself.
Now just to give you all an idea of how crazy queens day is I will explain it like this. Think of the red mile now times it by a thousand. The whole city shuts down turns into one big party. The canals are full of party boats with music blaring, each corner a different cafe has set up an outdoor bar with different music so you have to take dance breaks frequently while walking through the city. Cars bikes and buses cant run because people are everywhere and the whole city is decked out in orange and careering drinks, because here in Europe drinking in the streets on queens day is quite aloud.

But that is all I have time to write now because hopefully my clothes are dry by now since we leave for Brussels where we will most likely be stuck sleeping outside since the airport closes until 5am and we have to be there for 630am and hostels are ridiculously expensive there and full. Did I mention to Spain we are flying Ryanair therefore I can only bring my little school back pack not fun.
Hugs Lele



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3 responses to “Life goind Dutch

  1. Well, it may not be fun to just be able to take your little school backpack — but it will be fun in Spain nonetheless. and hopefully — it will be so blazingly warm and sunny, you won’t need much anyway!

    Have a marvelous trip honey. Don’t let some Spanish dude convince you he’s a prince. We’re all looking forward to your coming back — punctuation and all.

    Though, drinking aloud is an interesting concept — do you do it through your ears? 🙂

    Tee hee! How can I resist? Teasing is allowed! I can see I’m going to have to work on your English and your grammar when you return.

    Love you more than all the seas of orange that will ever dance in the streets.


    • laura

      When I was reading this I totally knew Louise would comment on the use of “aloud”

      man, how is it that we were so worried about math when you were in school. we should have concentrated on the fact you couldnt spelle (haha?)

      much love,
      the laura.

  2. Jackie Trafford

    Hi Liseanne,
    Like your Mom, I loved the “drinking aloud” (you do of course know that it should be “allowed”) and wondered if you were perhaps a noisy drinker. Queen’s Day certainly sounded like the most wonderful time.
    How on earth were you able to pack all of your things in your school back pack? My make-up kit wouldn’t fit in such a small bag let alone clothes!
    We only have 10 more sleeps until we are on your side of the ocean…yahoo!! It will be wonderful to see you and to hear all about your adventures in Spain.
    Nana is here for the weekend and says hello. Uncle Jim is locked into his lounger watching endless games of playoff hockey and he doesn’t seem too worried that he’ll miss the final few games for the Stanley Cup. Yeh, Europe trumps hockey!
    I know that you’ll have a wonderful time in Spain.
    Love you lots,
    Auntie Jackie (Uncle Jim and Nana too)

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