Life at the Lake

Alright this is pretty exciting I am now officially caught up on the blogging front. I am writing this blog on the train leaving bled lake headed to Vienna. This train turned out to be longer then needed so I have had some time to catch up. We woke up at 530 this morning to catch a bus at 620 to Ljubjana (capital of Slovenia) to catch a train to Vienna. The bus took an hour and a half and ended up being late so we missed the first train and had to catch one at 930 the funniest thing about this though is the fact it turns out this train also stopped in bled at 1030 meaning we could have had 5 extra hours of sleep and not taken that silly bus but nobody told us this so now we are all a bit tired but half way to Vienna which is sweet. Since Croatia are numbers have fell and we are down to three Zach headed back to Canada and Ashley Ryan and I headed to Slovenia with the sole purpose of trying to use another day on our train passes. It turned out to be the best choice ever, for the last five nights we have been staying at bled lake and loving every minute of it.

Section Sixty Nine Life in bearable weather

The minute we arrived in bled I loved it not only was it extremely beautiful it was also in the mountains meaning the weather was cooler. Now by cooler I am not saying cool by any means it was still 30 degrees just not 37 degrees as it had been and that made a world of difference. We arrived in bled having five nights booked in and worrying we would not have enough to do there for the next week, how wrong we were, five night was not even enough time to do everything I wanted.

The first day we spent just walking around the town sipping tea and eating their famous cream cake. The town itself is very picturesque. It surrounds a big lake with a small island in the middle with a church on it. There is also a castle on the one cliff and it that hangs over the lake. We climbed up to the castle the first day and got a very cool view of the town. Then the first night we went out with some others we had met and the first bar we stopped at ended up having a foosball table so Ryan was very happy and even managed to hustle some drinks out of two English dudes he beat. The next day we went rafting in a very cold mountain river which was very fun except for the part where we got chased by hornets. Then on day three we walked up to Vintagar Gorge which had been left from the glacier during the ice age and is a massive gorge that leads to the river and weaves its way through the mountains. Then we hiked back to town where we rented a row boat to row out the island. Ryan rowed well the three girls sat and watched. The island was cool but Ryan was less then impressed with the museum on it that consisted of clay figures of all the different national costumes in the EU on one floor and nativity scenes made out all different materials on the other one being a ginger bread house. We also bought a portable yahtzee set and have been playing a lot of that. The last day in Bled we spent hanging out by the lake enjoying the sunshine. We also played mini golf which as usual I failed miserably at and had to buy the winners cream cake.

Other then that I don’t really know what to say. Bled was awesome, relaxing and very beautiful. oh and our hostel had free laundry so I have clean clothes again whoopee.

I left this blog short since my last ones have been pretty long and I get bored writing them so I can only image how bored you all are reading them. But stayed posted so I can catch you all up on Vienna and any other events that may transpire.


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  1. So glad you’re caught up!

    And now you’re in Kradow… so we’ve missed Vienna… like, where in the world are you? I feel like I’m in one of your, Where’s Waldo books. Can’t find you anywhere! 🙂

    Seriously — it was lovely to chat yesterday.

    Hugs and love


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